Thursday, June 23, 2005

Good Times With The Fam

Spent the day with my little cousins.
They are too cute.
We saw all of their pics from Italy and Ireland.
They are so lucky to go there at such a young age.

We all went to the park and played around.
It was fun as heck.
We played baseball for awhile.
Well...until I was pitching and Kev (my brother) decided to hit me!
Line drive right smack in the arm.
I fell down and made it look all dramatic.
It hurt like hell.
There's a huge black and blue mark right above my elbow.
That little shit.

Mom grilled pork chops and had a ton of food.
It was good times.
I'll post some pictures tomorrow.

1 comment:

Nancy said...

Ouch. Line drive to your arm! Glad you had fun with the little ones, even though your brother hurt you!

The grilled pork chops sound good! Yum....

Hope you had a fun weekend too.