Sunday, June 19, 2005

Summer Update

I finally made the dive and upgraded my Flickr account.
I mean...come on...
I'm a photo teacher for pete's sake.
I have to have a big Flickr account eh?

So, there are tons of T-ball pictures on there now.
I took those at our game the other night.
We only have about two games left.
I'll miss it.
The kids were fun and they have improved!

The scoop on the dog situation...
I guess he is leaving next weekend.
He is going back to South Carolina.
He is going to be trained so that they can stud him out.
Tammy hasn't talked to me about this yet.
This is just information that I have gathered from her.
Bits and pieces.
Oh well.

I cut ALL the grass today.
It looks good.
Even sprayed for mosquitos.
Damn things are so annoying.
Now I can't find my hedge trimmer.
They say it's in the shed.
It's creepy in there.
Maybe I'll just borrow my mom's.
Hee hee.

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there.
Enjoy the new photos!
Only 21 days until we are on that boat!

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