Wednesday, July 06, 2005

I Can't Sleep!

So, it's about midnight...maybe a little after.
I can't tell because the time is messed up on this computer.
I am so wide awake.
I can't fall asleep.
All I keep thinking about is the cruise.

There is so much to be done before we leave.
I have to borrow some suitcases, laundry, tidy up the house...
Pay bills, cut the grass, stop the mail, pack, get the cameras ready...
Shop for clothes with the money we don't have, get my eyebrows waxed.
I am starting to freak out.

We took a trip to Blue Island today to get Tammy's birth certificate.
I don't know how we made it on the boat last year without the real deal.
I just hope I can find mine.

New pictures of Leslee's birthday party are on the Flickr.
I have BJ's birthday pics too, but the computer was being funky.
I also have 4th of July pics too, which are really fun.
I think I have found my passion for photography again.
And this's a lot more fun.
I'm sure I will be burning up those CF cards on the cruise.

We had our last, last, ultimate last T-ball game tonight.
It was really under the lights this time.
Only five players showed up out of nine.
McDonalds party on Thursday to celebrate the end of the season.
I made frames with pictures of each player in them that I took.
You can see those pictures on the flickr too.

Tomorrow is Wednesday.
Day camp and night swimming.
In between I will start laundry.
I will also start going psycho about packing and getting ready.
Wish me luck.

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Nancy said...

I bet you are so so excited!
Have a wonderful time and I hope to hear all about your cruise with Rosie.
I saw on the buddy site that you will keep us all informed and I hope you will post on your blog as well, when you get back!
Have an awesome time you lucky girl!