Thursday, January 19, 2006

George Washington

"Hey Care," BJ says.
"Yeah," I reply.
"You know how you always ask me if I learned something good in school everyday?"
" I learned about George Washington."
"Cool...what did you learn about him?"
"He was our first president."
"That's awesome B," I said. "You better remember that because I have kids in my high school class that don't even know that he was the first president."
"Who's the president now?"
"George W. Bush."
"Oh...well...this George...when he was little...his parents went out...and he went outside and cut down a huge tree!"
"Yeah...that's right. What else?"
"When his parents came home...they were MAD," BJ said.
"I bet they were," I said.
"But George didn't hide it...nope...he went and told them that it was him....and his parents were impressed that he told the truth."
"Wow...that was pretty brave of George Washington," I said. "It's always better to tell the truth than to hide something from your parents. It only gets you into more trouble."
"So Care...," he says bringing me his green folder from school.
"I'm not gonna hide it," he said.
"I got two strikes at school today. Are you mad?"

Now how in the world can you be mad at that?

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for_the_lonely said...

What a kid! :)