Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Love, Love, Love!

Valentine's Day weekend was awesome.
Friday night we went on a date.
Out to a nice restaurant for dinner.
Out to the bar.
Danced the night away and then karaoke.
Fun stuff.

Saturday I went shopping for bridemaid dresses.
We found one.
Now I have to wait until after the surgery to order it.
I hope I look hot in it by September.

Came home that night to a wonderful dinner!
Tammy cooked shrimp scampi, noodles, bread, salad, vegetables and champagne!
It was such a surprise.
(Photos on the Flickr!)
Rose petals all over the place.
How romantic.

Took the kids to Chuck E. Cheese for V-Day.
They loved it until the end.
BJ didn't have enough tickets to get what he wanted.
He proceeded to tell the employees that Chuck E. Cheese stunk
And that Valentine's Day stunk too.
After he got home and took a bath he realized that he was being ridiculous and apologized.

Conversation after school today:
" stomach hurts."
"Because when I'm at school...I just...I love my mom...and I love you...but I just can't figure out how to love both of you."
"BJ you don't have to choose! You can love us both!"
"I know...but I don't have much room left in my heart."
"You love both your mom and your dad don't you?"
"Well...just squeeze me in there too!"
"Ok...I'll try."

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for_the_lonely said...

It sounds like you had a great Valentine's Day! :) BJ is a little pill..too cute!

Hugs to you,