Friday, March 03, 2006

Headache from Hell

Oh what a day.
I felt sick from the moment I woke up.
Every two minutes from the time I got in the shower until I left I said,
"Don't forget the DayQuil...Don't forget the DayQuil."
Guess who forgot the DayQuil?

By 4th hour I had a headache from hell.
By the end of school I thought my head was going to explode.
I left early and newspaper kids had to deal. Sorry gang.
I drove home with my eyes half open and in tears.
It just hurt soooo bad.

Came home and took tons of drugs.
Wait...that didn't sound good.
Medicine...headache medicine and DayQuil!
Hit my bed and slept until 6 p.m.
It felt sooo good.
I woke up to an empty house except my love.
Kids went to their dad's.
Tammy asked if she could go shopping since I wasn't feeling good.
I hate shopping.
I said sure because I was just going to lay around all night and get better.

Tomorrow Ashlee comes home.
Tammy's flying out to Louisville in the morning, driving to Lexington, driving back to Louisville and flying home.
Fun stuff.

Tomorrow's my birthday.
29 years I'll be.

Suday is Ashlee's birthday.
13 years she'll be.
Double Ahhhh!

I hope I get an ipod.
I just think they're cool.
An ipod and a good scale so I can weigh myself.

It's 10:36 and my headache is finally gone.
Medicine is a wonderful thing...
When you remember to take it!

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YodaFan465 said...

Wad, don't worry about it. We manuged, but it just wasn't the same. And then you left us the next Friday!

We're crumbling withoutcha, WadY!