Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My Life...My Circus

I should seriously write a book.
These things don't happen to normal people.

After school I was in the family room
Checking my email.
All of a sudden something ran through my feet.
I thought it was one of my cats
Cuz they like to do that.

I looked down and stared.
And for about 5 seconds
Just looked.

IT WAS A MOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!

A 3 inch long, gray mouse!!!

I screamed like a girlie girl.
I hopped on top of the computer chair.
And I screamed.

BJ tired to catch it in a plastic cup.
He missed it.
It scooted under the couch
Then under a garbage bag on the floor
And then into my closet.

We waited like silent ninjas ready to pounce.
It then skidded behind the dog crate
And down the basement steps.

God only knows where Mickey is now.
I have a mouse trap in the middle of the basement floor
Full of peanut butter.
My fear is that a dog or cat will go down there and try to lick it.
That's all I need.
A screaming cat with its tongue stuck in a mouse trap.
I'm sure it will happen.

Only in my life.

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