Monday, August 20, 2007

Where Are My DANG Car Keys?????!!!!!
What can I say about my life right now?

It's almost 7 p.m. on Monday
And I still haven't found the car keys.

BJ and I got up this morning
And it was raining...again.
We were just about to leave
For grandma's and work
And Melissa's car was under water...

I rolled up my jeans
Put my clogs on
And trudged through the water to the car.
It smelled like butt.
Thankfully it started
And we left Wad's Water World.

I got to school just as the rain let up.
I sat outside the car and started to up my gym shoes on
And it started to pour.

I said,
"Seriously, God...can you just give me a MINUTE?"
He said..."Nope."
Just then I dropped my sock into the water.
Of course I dropped my sock!
Why WOULDN'T I drop my sock?
Can I just get a BREAK?

I called Honda this afternoon.
They said my key has a chip in it.
I have to have it towed to the dealership
For them to make a key.
Are you kidding me?

I went to Honda after work.
I got a key made.
It opened my doors
But didn't start the car.

No keys in the car.
Any suggestions on where they are?


Sarah & Dustin said...

Take it from someone who constantly loses her keys... they will show up. It may be after you get your car towed and a new one made, but they will eventually turn up. At least then you'll have a spare! Smile, school starts in 7 hours and 32 minutes!

Carrie said...

Sarah...from someone who hasn't seen her SCHOOL keys in like...3 years!...I don't know if they'll ever show up!

Anonymous said...

Did you check the inside of your printer?

Anonymous said...
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