Friday, August 17, 2007

Worst Storm Ever

Top of the tree just missing the house.
Tree crossing our back yard.

The split in the tree.

I haven't written in a little while
Because we have had no power once again.
The worst storm I have ever experienced
Ripped through our town on Wednesday night.
It started thundering and the power went out.
We watched out the front window as hail came crashing down.
So loud I thought it was coming through our roof.
As I looked out the front window
I saw our ladder fly across the front yard.
We huddled in the basement in the dark.
I was shaking all over.
I have never been so scared.
The noise was so loud!
I made Tammy check to see if our roof blew off.
It didn't.
We came upstairs once it let up.
I looked out the front window.
My friend's car was parked on the street.
I couldn't see her tires.
Then I couldn't see the sidewalk.
They were covered in water.
Lightning lit up the yard
As I watched the water get closer to the house.
Tammy ran out to unclog the drain in the street.
The water was up to her mid-thigh.
Finally the rain let up.
We went in the street with all the nighbors
And kept digging out the leaves and sticks from the drain.
I went downstairs to check our basement
And there was about 3 inches of water all over the place.
Our kind neighbor had a generator
And ran the longest extension cord I have ever seen
Through our neighbors yard, through our backyard
And down into our utlity room.
The sump pump dried out the basement within a couple hours.
While walking through the backyard in the dark
I found the neighbor's tree laying across our yard.
The highest leaf...inches away from our house.
Ashlee's room could have been destroyed.
The tree split in two.
One part missing our house
The other totally missing the neighbor's house
And landing on our fence.
How lucky could we be?
Yes, our basement flooded,
There was a mess in our front yard,
Our two cars have hail damage,
A huge tree crossed my backyard,
My pine tree lost half of its branches,
Our food was transported to my mom's house,
We had no electricity for about two days,
Water was up to the middle of my front yard,
And my ceiling was leaking inside my front door.
But we are alive.
We worked as a family to clean up the yard
And we are happy.
Life throws you curveballs
And keeps you on your toes.
It's never easy
But you have to make the best of things
And learn to deal with the crappy things
One thing at a time
Or else you'll go insane.
You just have to remember to stay happy
And roll with the punches God throws at you.

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Kelly W. said...

Oh my Gosh, I'm gad you guys are okay! I'm so sorry about the storm damage. I love how your family sticks together to clean things up. And nice sending TAMMY up to see if the roof was gone! LOL