Friday, November 23, 2007

Shopping Nut Cases

Happy Black Friday!
Guess what time I got up this morning?
Oh yes...4:30 a.m.
What time was I at the first store?
5:15 a.m.

Let's just list the stores we hit today...
1) Radio Shack
2) Menards
3) Old Time Pottery
4) Culvers
5) Circuit City
6) Target
7) Wal-Mart
8) Linens and Things
9) JJ's Pizza Shack

How much money did we SAVE today?
Approximately $400.
How much money did we spend on house items?
About $250 including the trim to finish our floors.
How much did we spend on Christmas gifts?
Not even an entire paycheck.
Are we done Christmas shopping?
Let me tell ya...we are pretty damn close!

This is the first time in history I have ever been
Done shopping this early.
There are little things here and there to get
But the major things are DONE.

I am so BEAT!
I didn't even get a headache today!
We even took the kids to Wal-Mart
Gave them each $20
And said...go shop for one another.
They are awesome shoppers.
We have trained them well to get the deals.
They are so cute.

Time to relax.
Tomorrow we have to fix the house again!
Put everything up that we bought today
And put up the tree!
We could even wrap presents and be done with the whole thing!
We are all over this Christmas thing this year.

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Jules said...

dude, capital is with an "A". Lesson #21 should be: Make sure you know the difference between "CAPITAL" and "CAPITOL". hehehe! ; )