Monday, December 17, 2007

Our Queer Christmas Tree

I love our queer Christmas tree.
It's unique and represents our busy family.
Now, see...our tree from last year is broken.
The top section didn't fit into the bottom pole tightly.
So it tipped.
This year we borrowed our friend's tree.
Except it is too tall for our house.
So, the pole is bent and jammed up into our ceiling.
I started to put the lights on
And then I got tired.
I put some more lights on, but the cats chewed them
And they went out.
So, the bottom half is lit, the lights in the middle don't work
And there are no lights on the top.
The cats have ruined the bottom row of branches.
Totally chewed them up and bent them all to the floor.
No garland.
One ornament.
Leslee made it in Girl Scouts.
It's huge and gaudy.
I love it.
That's our tree.
Take it or leave it.
I was going to finish it up the other day.
But as I sat on the couch and looked at it...
It just made me laugh and brought me joy.
And isn't that what a tree is supposed to do?
If you come to visit for the holidays...
Don't make fun of it...
Just enjoy it!
We do!


Liz1971 said...

i love how you love your tree! :)

loony said...

I love your tree!! and your blog, I discovered it through our fellow rbloggers. And I understand the whole animal thing and the tree, our salt dough ornaments we made last week are still sitting beside the tree because the kids are afraid the dog will eat them...LOL she already took our my peace ornament...guess the sparkles were tasty?????

Kim said...

Sad yet funny all at the same time.


Kelly W. said...

Love this picture Carrie! It cracks my ass up.

wimomz said...

ur tree is a charlie brown depends momment!


shyladare said...

That's awesome.