Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Never Ending Saturday

Another adventurous day in the life of me!
I am soooo tired!

Got up and took a cold shower because
Everyone else and their uncle took a bath.
And Leslee decided to throw 1 t-shirt in the washer.
I didn't even wash my hair because it was so cold.

Left to head out to Crown Point to drop off Ashlee's formal date.
Then we went to look at cars for poops and giggles.
It's time that I get a new car.
I haven't had a new car since 2000.
Plus we need a big vehicle for our family of 32!
Ok...I'm overexaggerating...but you get the jist.

THEN we ran to Wal-Mart for Leslee's eye exam.
Here is where I read Harry Potter for a good portion of the time.
Back in the car and out to Leslee's basketball game.
They haven't lost a game all season
And then today they fell apart and lost big time.

Did I mention that it was 4 degrees outside today??
F-O-U-R degrees!!!!
We froze our patoots off!!!

After the game we ran home and got the other kids.
Ran to McDonald's for Ashlee to check her work schedule.
Then to the mall.
God help me...the mall.

We spent an HOUR or more in New York and Company.
Tammy had a gift card and a coupon from the internet
And then there was a sale and a 738% discount and she found a penny on the floor...
All I have to say is that she is always trying to find the deals.
She got 2 pairs of jeans, a scarf for me, a camisol and something else
For like $25.
That's my girl.

Went upstairs and ate Chinese food.
Strolled around the mall for a little bit.
I finally remembered to bring my watch in to get a new battery.
The guy took it apart and sure enough...they didn't have the battery in stock.

Then I got a new BRA!!!!
Yes...a maternity bra!!
It's got room for growth....40DD!
Go me!
As I was trying these puppies on...
I realized that I'm getting chubby again.
You can't tell with my clothes on

I can also feel the little nugget now.
In the morning I can feel it moving around inside.
I kept thinking it was gas
But I keep feeling it in the same place and it's the same feeling.
And then there's no gas! Ha ha!

We finally got home around 9.
I got in PJ's and plopped on the couch.
I need to finish Harry Plopper this weekend.

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