Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Nothing More Frustrating...

Do you know what sucks?
When it's cold and snowy out
You get out of bed late and don't shower
You drive to work and stop at Dunkin Donuts
Cuz you think you have a couple of extra minutes
Then you get a block away from work
And the bell rings in about 7 minutes
You come up over the little hill
Pull into the parking lot
And see approximatly 5 cars
At a school with about 3,000 kids.

Damn 2-hour delay!
Damn automated alert system!
Damn them not having my correct phone number!

It's ok though.
I had a peaceful morning with my itunes.
I got a lot graded and odds and ends done.

I'm glad I wore comfy clothes this morning
It made me more happy about the situation.
I went vintage today...
I had a Ball State long sleeve T on from 1999
And a sweatshirt from my freshman year of high school...1992.
I looked hot.


Jenni said...

That moment of realization HAD to suck, but Amen to the peace and quiet for a bit!!
As for Harry Potter, I will be behind for a long time!! LOL

Anonymous said...

WOW Carrie...this is an amazing blog. I am so glad I found it. You have a new!! I love reading about your teaching and family life. Also your family photo is GORGEOUS. I also love the nugget photo you mind if I follow you thru this experience...since I didn't give might help me when I have to explain the "facts" to Betsy. see you on flickr and I'll definitely be back here too.
XO Cara