Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Little Nugget Is!....

A GIRL!!!!!!

This is her butt and the three white lines means it's a girl!

Can you see her face? Eyes, nose, mouth?

She is kneeing herself in the face here. Nice thigh and leg though!
Tammy and I started the morning off with breakfast at the Olive Cafe.
I knew I had to eat stuff that would make it move.
I had eggs, french toast, bacon, sausage and a little coffee to get her going.
Our appointment at Premiere Ultrasound was for 11:30.
We had a half hour session for gender determination.
We weren't supposed to have the 3D pictures, but the technician did it anyway!
He got the money shot this time and we found out we are having a GIRL!!!
Another girl in the house!
I'm so excited!
With a girl...she can be a girlie girl or a tomboy and it's ok.
She can be cute and sweet, but she can also be tough and bold.
BJ and Ashlee couldn't believe that we are having another girl in the house.
BJ asked right away if we could have another one or adopt a boy.
Leslee's reaction was..."Cool."
We have pictures and a DVD of the ultrasound and we are going back in April.
We invited my mom out to see the pictures, get pedicures and have dinner.
She's so excited too!
It was a great day and now I feel so much more comfortable.
No guessing and now I know what I can register for!


Kelly W. said...

YEAH!!! Congratulations!!! A girl. Awwww. I'm so happy for you guys. That means I get to buy girlie stuff for you!

Kim said...

Wooowhooo! Big PINK congrats!

Renee and Janice said...


Sarah said...

funny with the pink blog! I am so excited for you. I just got done cleaning out Miles's closet and I separated all the neutral stuff. I'll bring it to work Tuesday!