Friday, March 21, 2008

Best Smile I've Seen In A While

On top of my blog here I have a banner
It reads...
Wesley...We Believe.

Matt Wesley is a senior at my school.
He is a member of Sarah's yearbook staff.
Back in October he almost severed his spinal cord
While at football practice.

He has been in and out of several Chicagoland hospitals.
Yesterday, as I was coming back from the restroom
I saw a kid come through the front door
With the biggest smile on his face.
I don't think I have ever seen a student more happy to be at school.

It was Matt
Along with his mom and dad.
He wheeled down to our rooms and was surrounded by journalism nerds
Who talked his poor ears off.

As my kid takes a nice seat on the nerve in my lower back
I tried to just grin and bear it.
Because seriously...
It's got to be nothing compared to what Matt has been through.

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Kim said...

GO Wesley! That's wonderful news!!