Monday, April 20, 2009

Easter and More

Tristyn got this little chick from the Easter Bunny.
This afternoon she started dancing with him.

We had two Easters this year!
Last weekend Tristyn and I spent the weekend with my mom and Kev.
We had a great time and spent the night for 2 nights!
We all had breakfast and went to church together.
Julie and Brian came over for dinner and to play with Nug.

Yesterday we had Easter at home.
The kids were in Tennessee with their dad last weekend
So that's why we waited until yesterday to do our festivities.
Breakfast was awesome again and dinner was yummy!
We had to postpone the outdoor, in the dark egg hunt due to rain.
I will post pictures from that later on.

Kid Updates...
Ashlee has started wrestling school.
Yes...wrestling school. wrestling.
She's nuts.
But...she loves it and it's better than sex and drugs right?
She's going to prom with Billy and still working at Mickey D's.

Leslee is playing on the AAU basketball team.
She has tournaments everywhere and practice late on school nights.
Soccer has also begun.
She is an eating machine and growing like a weed.
I seriously think she is almost taller than me now.
She is a schedule freak and addicted to texting and Twilight.

BJ needs to clean his room.
I swear something died in there.
He got a haircut!
He's loving wrestling and actually went fishing with Bones yesterday.
They only caught one small fish, but he was happy.

Tristyn has a total of 4 teeth now.
She can say, "hi," "cat," "mamma," "sis," "BJ," "Les," and "binky."
She loves waving...even when she's still asleep.
Her favorite foods are greens, dumplings, bananas and pretty much anything.
She eats like a cow, but is still a little nugget.
She loves to walk along the couch and do pull ups in her playpen.
Elmo and Mickey Mouse are her friends.
Today she didn't want to leave daycare.

Billy is our adopted son...not really.
He's Ashlee's best friend that lives down the street.
He is single and looking.
Going to prom with Ash and the Shimmer after prom.
He's still plugging through Mickey D's with Ash.
He insists that Tristyn say, "Billy!"...but she won't.
Poor guy.

Me...I'm here.
School is truckin along.
I'm excited to go to Cleveland for the marathon.
It will be a fun road trip for Billy, Ash and Me.
And it will be good to see all my buds.

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Toni :O) said...

She is SO stinkin cute! Good grief I love her cute little smile...just adorable and boy is she growing fast.