Sunday, May 03, 2009

Ashlee's Prom

Tristyn decided that she wanted some make-up too.

Billy and Ashlee.
No...not dating.
They fight like brother and sister.
Best buds.
Wrestling buds.

One day she'll get this on right.

Where did my 16 year old go?
Nevermind that...
When the heck did she get so old??
Ashlee and Billy went to Hobart's prom on Friday night.
Ashlee looked BEAUTIFUL!
And Billy looked so handsome.
After the dance they went to Longhorn for dinner.
On Saturday they went up to Berwyn for Shimmer wrestling.
Yes...Women's Wrestling.
A two-day event.'s a hobby and it's clean fun.

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Sarah V said...

Ashlee, you look GORGEOUS!