Monday, March 15, 2010

What Are The Chances?

I noticed that my back tire was a little low.
I gave it some air the other day and it was fine.
Friday night...flat as a pancake.
On Saturday Melissa helped me change it.
I drove to Mr. Tire and he found a nail in the tire.
$70 and I had a brand new tire.
Saturday night Ashlee picked up a friend.
She heard a hissing sound.
Sunday morning....flat as a pancake.
Sunday afternoon I changed the tire AGAIN.
This time I found a razor blade in the tred.
Parked it outside of the auto shop this morning.
They patched it up and it's good as new.
The same exact tire?
Twice in two days?
Does God think I'm made of money?
Is He seriously playing a huge joke on me?


Anonymous said...

Nope, looks like somebody hates you.

Psychotic Guinn said...

Its definitely a sign. Someone out there is trying to slash your tires as pay-back for a possible F you gave them. I'm totally kidding but that would be funny if I was right.