Friday, August 16, 2013

Summer Bucket List vs. What We Actually Did

Tristyn and I made a summer bucket list way back in May.
Here it is and the highligted ones we actually accomplished!
1) Visit South Shore Soda Shop in Goshen
2) Try Paradise Pup in Chicago
3) Go to the water park
4) Hobart Pool
5) Go to the park
6) Explore in the forest
7) Canoe/Row Boat ride
8) Railcats game
9) Drive in movie
Miles and Tristyn at the 49er Drive In in Valpo.

10) Movie night at home with popcorn
11) Visit Simone and Colette's house in Wisconsin
12) Santa's Village
13) Indiana Beach
14) Finish reading Harry Potter 1
15) Stay in a hotel
16) Children's Museum
17) Take the train to Chicago
18) Have a garage sale
19) Fair Oaks Farm
20) Go to Wendy's at night
21) Visit Wolf Park in Lafayette

22) Go to the zoo
Feeding the goats at the Michigan City Zoo.

Saying hi to the baby horse.

 we didn't hit many things on the list.
The weather was pretty cold and rainy this summer.
And...I did have hernia surgery on June 11 that had me down for weeks.
Here is a list of OTHER things we did that weren't even on our planned list.

1) Had a birthday party at Bellaboos
2) Hernia surgery
3) Tristyn slept overnight at the Verpooten's house for 2 nights!
4) Library trips
5) McDonald's Playland
6) Helped grandma with her sump pump
7) Got stuck in a hail storm on I94
8) Tristyn saw the Snow White play with Grandma
9) St. Thomas More Festival
I think she went on this slide about 8 times.

10) Vacation Bible School at Southlake Worship Center
11) Vacation Bible School at Bethel
12) Saw Despicable Me 2 in 3D and Monsters University at the Drive in
13) Dunes with the cousins
Jeremy, Simone, Colette and Julia standing. Austin, Tristyn and Aidan.
14) Played mini golf at Zao's Island in Valpo
She won. She had 72 and I had 54. ;)

Sitting by the little house.

15) Lake County Fair
Miles and Tristyn got to ride a camel at the fair!

16) Tristyn helped me with her 5th yearbook distribution
Yearbook distribution through the years.
Little Drew Verpooten and our yearbook.

17) Went to Auntie Julie's ice cream party.
Bacon peanut butter ice cream.

We also painted a lot of nails, spent the 4th of July at the Verpooten's house, bought a fish, hung out at Lake George, and ate a lot of ice cream.
Huh...I guess we did do a lot this summer!

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Julie said...

#2 - I used to live a mile from there!

#17 - Yay! You guys did a LOT this summer and I'm glad I made the big list!