Wednesday, April 20, 2005

3 Big Thoughts

Three parts here.
Part 1 - Texas
Part 2 - Interviewing students for staff
Part 3 - Getting engaged

Part 1 - Texas
I was reading Rosie's blog again and she gave me fuel for the fire.
So Texas made an amendment that says homosexuals cannot be foster parents.
It was so funny because I read it outloud to the family here.
When I got to the part where Rosie wrote, "No parents are better than gay parents"
"According to moronic REPUBLICAN Robert Talton"
Leslee (8-years-old) says, "That's not true!!!"
I asked her why.
She said "cuz I would rather have you and my mom than no one."
And then quietly...she says..."and everyone is the same."

An 8-year-old gets it.

Looking back at my kid's lives before...when they lived in the "heterosexual house"
Man...*shakes head*
That is just another long topic for another day.
To name all the things wrong with that picture would take up my entire blog space.

What are people so damn afraid of? Seriously.
There are so many kids who need homes and LOVE.
This just frustrates me to no end.

Part 2 - Interviewing for the newspaper staff
It's going good.
I like to meet everyone one on one before I make my final decisions.
I hate and love this time of the year.
I have some tough decisions to make.
Some good ideas have been thrown at me for next year.
Many people think it's going to be rough because so many seniors are leaving.
I think it will be a breath of fresh air.
The new year and new staff always is.
May 18 the new staff will be announced and all will be fine.

Part 3 - Getting Engaged
Well my sister finally got engaged.
Brian is a great guy and I couldn't imagine her with anyone better.
He is such a genuine guy. So nice. And cute too.
Of course now I have to fit into a dress.
Now I have to save money for a bachelorette party and a shower.
A wedding should be fun.
I was almost engaged before her.
I have a ring.
I'm just being patient.

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YodaFan465 said...

"May 18 the new staff will be announced and all will be fine."

May 19, the Sith will have their Revenge, and all will be great!

OK, Star Wars nerd shutting up now. Say, Wady, what's the talent like for next year?