Monday, May 09, 2005

Someone Do My Laundry!...Please!!

I just thought I would stop in and say hi!
Not much going on right at this moment.
Had some good parties this weekend.
Good times.

I have some pictures to put up on here.
T-ball pics and soccer pics.
They are adorable.
I'll get on that tomorrow.

Oh...have you ever had laundry that piled up to your bedroom ceiling?
WE DO!!!!

Happy belated mother's day to you all!


Jules1698 said...

Wady!!!!!! long time no chat girl, it's Jules1698 from rosies place. Miss you girl!!!!!!!

baf said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog....returning the favor!

I love this...laundry! I am pretty sure that people come into my house and wear our clothes, and then throw them onto the floor: bedroom, bathroom, and hallway!!!x

OH one to do the laundry here either!