Saturday, August 13, 2005

Farewell Fishy Friends

Fish tragedy.
2 dead.
Poor alge eater and little white guy.
They were doomed.
One was stuck in the filter.
The other...belly up.
Poor guys.
Leslee flushed them to heaven.

School starts in a week.
Scout...the newspaper...Issue 1 is done.
I can't believe it.
People actually came in a worked over the summer.
And we got it done.
It could be a bright year after all!

New teacher coming in to teach Journalism.
Someone new in our duo making it now a trio.
How's it going to work?
I guess we'll wait and see.

Verpooten leaves for Africa on Sunday.
Leaving me with crazy students on the first week.
While she goes to feed the hungry.
You have to love her.
Always giving of herself.
I just hope I don't screw things up while she is gone!

Tammy's at work tonight.
I'm watching Rudy for the millionth time.
I'm sure I'll cry again.

Kevin (the brother that lost the keys) asked to borrow our car.
The very car he lost the keys to.
I said yes.
He also asked for the Pesto Dip recipe.

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