Monday, March 13, 2006

I *Heart* Kentucky.....NOT!

We took Ashlee back to Kentucky this weekend.
Oh what a fine trip it was!
We dropped her off at a friend's house in Moorehead at 9:15 p.m.
Tammy and I were hungry so we wanted something good for dinner.
We drove to Lexington to get a good bite to eat.

Off the highway there was a Days Inn, Steakhouse and Saloon, Gas Station and Fazolis.
I went in to see if the steakhouse was still serving dinner and they said yes.
Tammy went to go park the van.
About 10 minutes later she finally shows up.

The bar was PACKED.
No where to park!
She had to either park behind the hotel or at Fazolis.
She picked Fazolis.

After eating we decided it was too late to drive anymore.
We walked to Days Inn and got a room.
They handed us the key and the parking ticket to put in the dash.
Yup...they get kind of crazy about parking and towing around here.

So, we walk out to get the van and pull it around.
No van.
Towed Away.

To make a long story short...
Tammy cussed out the Fazolis manager for her no parking signs the size of my little toe.
She called the tow place and our van wasn't even there yet.
She called for a taxi since we had no other way of getting there.
God bless the Days Inn workers for printing out directions to Big Run Road.

20 minute cab ride to the tow place.
$20 to get all the way to the other edge of Lexington, KY.
We had a nice tour of Transylvania University and the University of Kentucky!

The tow lady says to Tammy, "I guess Kentucky isn't making a good impression on you huh?"
I thought Tammy was going to jump over the desk and deck her.
$100 later...and we have our van!
It was supposed to be $105, but the lady gave us a nice discount.

There was our van in the middle of po-dunk Kentucky.
Cracked out cars all around and a slow train rolling by right next to us.
A hobo could have jumped out of one of those cars at any minute.
All I could do was laugh.
I stole a rock from the joint for memories.

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SassyFemme said...

OMG, that's crazy! Love that $5 discount... how generous! Oy!