Friday, January 12, 2007

Airing Out the Chicken Ring

Today was a half day.
Hello wine!

We went to Fazolis for lunch.
On the way back we saw the most bizzare thing.
The big SUV next to us on the right...
There was a lady driving.
And a hand out the window.
It was holding a chicken ring.

I guess it was too hot.
Now keep in mind it was raining out.
It wasn't like she was just gently sticking it out there.
Her whole hand and part of her arm was out the window!

We stared at her.
She didn't look.

She pulled it in and passed it to the back where her kid was.
Then proceeded to air out another ring.

Seriously...just blow on it lady!


Anonymous said...

What is a "Chicken ring? I don't think we have this in North Carolina or anywhere else below the Mason-Dixon-- or maybe I'm old.

Wady said...

A chicken ring is like a chicken nugget in ring form. I think White Castle started them back in 1996. Well, at least that was the first time I had one. They are yummy!