Sunday, February 11, 2007

Coming Out...Again

I always forget that some people just don't know.
I'm just me!
It's not something I think about 24/7.
I just live.

At school I talk about my kids and my family all the time.
On Friday the questions began.

Students: You have kids? How many?
Me: Yup...I have three.
S: How old are they?
M: Almost 14, 10 and 6.
S: 14! old are you?
M: How old do you think I am?
S: 42!
M: You are getting an F.
S: 23!
M: You are getting an A!
S: 28?
M: Close...I'm almost 30.
S: And you have a 14 year old? You were 15 when you had her?
M: really. I didn't pop her partner Tammy did.
S: you adopted them?
M: No...not yet. I have to wait.
S: Are you married?
M: Nope...I can't.

Light Bulb Moment For Some.

Then the whispers begin.
Some smack others who just don't get it at first.
Some laugh.
One girl said I was the coolest teacher she's ever had.
Another girl said that her friend's moms were getting married in Vegas.

Coming out is a continuous journey.
It really never ends.
You meet new people every day.
At work
The kid's schools
Kid's cheerleading
Soccer practice

We just live.
Try to be good people.
Set good examples.
Then maybe the world will change.


Kelly W. said...

HEY! I like the new look. Looking forward to more wadyblogs. How's it feel being a role model? :)

baf said...

OMG! I love the blank stares? and SHEER confusion. Like having kids and being gay had never crossed anyones mind?

Just last week at preschool I said to another mother, "oh they have 2 moms" and she totally didn't get it. Probably thought 1 was a step mom or whatever.

I agree...we just live, and some know and some don't, can some can't get it. At a recent birthday party, the mother of the bday kid asked, so do they call you both mom? Which is a great question! I was so hapyy to explain! And part of me wanted to say, ????does your kid call you BOTH DAD????? of course not!

So is our life........thanks for blogging CArrie!

Anonymous said...

oh goodness ... i remember those days ;)