Monday, February 12, 2007

Stupidity of Our Youth

Stupidity has reached a new high today in my classroom.
Sometimes I just shake my head way too much.
I'm surprised it hasn't fallen off yet.

Huge test today.
85 questions, multiple choice...all about cameras.
Functions, buttons, lenses, digital junk...everything.
It's a scan tron test.
You know...use a Number 2 pencil
Fill in the little bubbles heavy and dark.

I had a moron use a PEN.
A black PEN!!!!!!
He's got to be at least a sophomore to be in my class.
You mean to tell me that he has never taken a scan tron test before??
It even says right on the answer sheet to use a #2 pencil!

*smacks head*

Where are the minds of the youth of America today?
Doesn't anyone think anymore?
They are all enthralled in Myspace
And ear-budded up with their ipods 24/7.
Laziness has taken over our youth.
They think everything will just come to them on a platter.

Who's fault is this?
A) Theirs?
B) Their parents?
C) Their teachers?
D) Their friends?
E) All of the above

If I had a Number 2 pencil I would bubble in E.

Come on people...let's hold our youth accountable for their actions.
Let's make them work and READ.
My god! How they complain about reading!!!
You have to move your eyeballs back and forth for Pete's sake!

If they forget a project on their dresser at home...
Let them be accountable for their actions!
Moms...don't rush to school with their forgotten lunch!
Let them figure their problem out on their own!
If A doesn't work, then maybe I should try B to solve it.
NOT...A didn't work so let me sit here and listen to my ipod and GIVE UP.

We need to do something about the stupidity of our youth before it's too late.
These people are going to grow up, get some kind of job, and run our world.
Scary thought.
Just think about what job the kid who couldn't figure out how to work a scan tron is going to have.
Building your next home?
Fixing your plumbing?
Working at your bank as a teller?
In charge of your insurance policy?
Scary thought.

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