Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Who Needs A Snow Blower?

This is the one benefit of being a teacher I love.
Snow days.
I love them.

I walked out the door this morning to shovel at 5:30 a.m.
With all the drifts and hills the snow came half way up my knee.
At the was about two feet high..seriously.
It took me about 1 hour and 15 minutes to shovel our driveway. Not even the sidewalk!

My arms were killing me.
I walked over to my neighbor's driveway and the snow was up to my hips.
Swear to god.
Stupid plows.
So, I call Tammy in the house and she says that I don't have school.
Woo hoo!
I continue to shovel.
I'm halfway up their driveway and Josephine pokes her head out.

Now...Josephine is my 85-year-old Polish neighbor.
Sweet as can be. Talks your ear off. Has a gold tooth.
She makes a kick ass pierogi.
Julien is her 87-year-old husband who now has cancer.
He's a sweetheart who loves to get hugs from his two beautiful women that live next door.
That's me and Tammy.

So, Joshephine yells...Caaarrie! Do you want to use our blower?

Hmm...let me think about this for a second.
I've been shoveling for two days.
My arms are about to fall off.
I have half a driveway to go.

Hell YES I want your snow blower lady!!

So, Julien comes out and helps me get it started.
I was done in 10 minutes.
Sidewalks and all.

Now...the picture above is from yesterday.
It is my new wine cellar off the back porch.
If you look out my door now...the ruler and all wine bottles are missing.
Well...I think we drank all the bottles!
Hee hee...gotta love snow days.

Did I mention that it's STILL snowing??

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