Saturday, May 12, 2007

Could We Be Any Busier?

Ok...ok...I know I haven't written in a LONG time.
Stop your whining people!
I've been BUSY!

On April 18th I helped out with our school's Day of Silence.
It was a day where students choose to be silent
To represent the students who are silenced everyday by harrassment.
On that same day I was selling prom tickets.

Yesterday was prom.
751 students and 24 chaperones.
Plus our kids and little Miles.
It was awesome.
Decorations looked good, food was good, music rocked, lines moved quickly.
Everyone loved the voting process.
It was a lot of hard work.
Sarah and I know how to throw one heck of a party.

Next Wednesday is the journalism banquet.
I have a whole list of things to do for that now.
Is school over yet?
And dang that Sarah for leaving me and having a baby!
But he's so cute, so I forgive her.

In the middle of all that school junk...
I am still teaching stuff.
My kids made photo stories on the computer.
And my journalism kids are creating a newspaper page from scratch.
Ugh the questions!
Why don't teenagers listen?
I think their ipods are up too loud.

Soccer is going fine and dandy.
We are still win-less.
Today we lost 3-1.
At least we scored today!
The kids are having fun and getting better every week.
I just wish they would stop fighting with each other!

Leslee got sick this week.
Terrible cough...thought it was pneumonia.
It's not.
Maybe asthma.
Maybe not.
Do doctors really know anything?

I am getting more weddings booked through Bella.
I finally got my new business cards.
They are totally sexy looking.
Cool extra money...I'm loving it.

So, we've been a little busy lately.
I apologize for not writing daily!
You should see our calendars for April and May.

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!
I hope your kids remember to recognize you!

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Kelly W. said...

Happy Mother's Day to you to Care. I bet you're excited for summer! I know I am.