Monday, July 23, 2007

Home From War

Yesterday we drove up to Six Flags again.
Had a blast and stayed until 10:30.

On the way there
We were stuck behind flashing lights.
After getting frustrated I realized it was a convoy.
It looked like someone important.
There were about 5 big tour buses.

I told Tammy to speed up.
We found out that it was a huge group of soldiers
Returning from Iraq.
They were getting a special escort home on 294.
Veterans on motorcycles with American flags led the way
And brought up the rear.

We drove next to the buses
And waved to show our support.
Some guys were listening to ipods, taking pictures
And some waved back.

From the back seat, BJ asked...
"Where are they coming from?"
We told him they were coming home from war.

"I wonder if they won?" he asked.

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