Saturday, September 08, 2007

Pampered Chef

So, Tammy is now a Pampered Chef consultant.
She had her Open House today
At the coffee house in town
From 4-7 p.m.
Free ice cream for all
Free product giveaway
Chances to win other good stuff.

She put up flyers
Sent out invitations
Emails to everyone she knew.

Not one person showed up.
I feel so bad!
She looks so cute in her Pampered Chef apron too!
She is so discouraged and grumpy now.

And we have about 2 gallons of ice cream to eat now.


Sarah & Dustin said...

That stinks. I wish we could have come. I need you to post your photo teacher video up here. We watched it last night.

historygrl said...

That does stink. I was a pampered chef consultant for awhile. Like 3 years. I hated shows like that - where NOBODY showed up. It happened a lot, unfortunately. This is a tip: stick to catalog shows if you can. Also individual orders seem to work well too.