Sunday, April 13, 2008

29 Weeks Pregnant...aka 7 Months and 1 Week

I finally have a belly again!
I know...weird to say.
But it's exciting to have a belly for a reason this time.
I can't believe in almost 2 months we will have another child!
It's getting exciting.
I can feel her all the time
Rolling and kicking and punching.
Tammy and I like to play games with her in there.
She'll talk to her and she'll punch back.
Last night I had a dream that her foot came through my stomach.
I grabbed it and her right foot had 11 toes
And two of them were webbed like Ashlee's.
It was a creepy dream!
This morning I weighed 170.6.
Yes! I have officially gained .6 pounds during this pregnancy!
I go back to the doctor tomorrow night.

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Kim said...

Yay for a belly! :o)