Saturday, April 26, 2008

How You Know You're REALLY Pregnant

Senior Banquet was tonight.
It was a big hit.
$180 for the DJ was scary, but he was good.
Food was good and the costumes were creative.
Thanks to all of my friends for sacraficing their Friday night
To chaperone and hang out with 400 seniors.
God bless you all!
I have to say that Sarah and I can throw a kick ass party.

The dance ended at 11 p.m.
After dropping Sarah off at home I decided I was hungry.
Out of all of the fast food places I pass by on the way home
I couldn't say...Hey...that sounds good.
I wanted Fruity Pebbles and I wanted them right then and there.
So, I stopped at Meijer at 11:45 p.m.
Picked up some Fruity Pebbles, Rice Krispy Treats cereal and Captain Crunchberries.
Oh...and some grapes which are in the freezer right now.

Usually after an event like this where I'm in charge
We go out for a drink to relax and celebrate that it's over!
Tonight...I sat on the couch and ate Fruity Pebbles.
And they were damn good.


beth said...

Just curious how curious are the younger 2 kids??? Do they have a lot of questions? Did you use a known or unknown donor?

Wishing you well...and LOTS of fruity pebbles :)

Carrie said...

Actually right now the younger two aren't very curious. We did use a known donor, but we aren't sharing that information.

Kim said...

Got a name picked out yet? May I suggest Pebbles? :o)