Monday, May 19, 2008

Doctor Update

Went to the Doctor today.
I missed my appointment last Monday.
And then again last Friday.
But I got there extra early today!

My weight...181.2.
She was very proud of me for this.
I have no idea how I've gained
When I haven't been eating much this week due to stress.

Blood pressure was normal.
Again, I laugh because I have been stressed out of my mind lately.

Baby's heartbeat... in the 130's.
She said it sounded good.

My belly measurement...34...perfect.
34 weeks.
She says I'm due July 1st.
I thought it was June 24th.
Whatever...she'll come when she's ready.
She'll probably be ready before I am anyway.

I have to drink some raspberry tea or something now.
And take some other healthy pill junk.
She said to make my cervex softer.
Hey...whatever works lady.

Right now I'm an emotional wreck.
Horomoes are all over the place.
I cry all the time.
Sleeping is horrible.
My anxiety is at new heights.
I'm exhausted, yet I keep going.

There is no stopping.
Not until June 7th.
Not until the last final is graded.
Not until the walls are knocked down in my classroom.

And I eat pizza after the graduation ceremony.


Julie said...

You can come over to my house on Saturday afternoon (after 2 pm) or Sunday and I'll make you dinner and pamper you. The husband will be gone. And you can play Guitar Hero with me. Think about it...

Liz1971 said...

it will be here before you know it! you can do it... sorry you are a wreck lately--and so stressed. ((((hugs)))) for you...

Susan aka MamaD said...

hang in there!