Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Lunch With The Girls...And Little Man

Savannah and Brandi

Miles and Sarah

Tristyn and Me

Today Tristyn and I went out into the world!
First, we met my friends Brandi and Sarah at Crackle Barrel for lunch.
It was so much fun to be there with my friends and all of our kids!
After lunch we took a ride out to Grammy Pammy's work.
She was so happy to see us!
She loved showing Tristyn off to all of her friends.
Don't worry Mom...we'll come back and bring sunshine to your day again!
Since we were in Munster and it leaked out that Tristyn was making appearances...
We had to stop to see Uncle Kevin.
He loves her so much!!!
We left Munster and picked up Ashlee and Tammy and headed to Costco
We picked up the cool baby announcements that I made and will be sending out soon.
Since we had a gift card, we went to Bakers Square for dinner.
Then to Target to get Tristyn some mittens, smaller pacifiers, tiny hats, socks and night lights.
Tristyn was a trooper the whole day!
She loved it!
After taking a bottle from Tammy at 9 she is now sleeping through our movie.

I can't believe she is ONE WEEK OLD already!!!!


Kelly W. said...

Awwwww, can't wait to meet her!!

Sarah said...

Her first lady lunch went pretty well. Glad you're both adjusting to life with each other.