Friday, June 06, 2008

Our Good Deed

This afternoon Melissa and I were driving down Liverpool.
Just out for a stroll.
In the middle of this busy road was a HUGE turtle.
Cars were stopping.
Swerving around it.
But it was slow as ever.
So, I pulled over.
I told Melissa to go pick it up and help it across the road.
She went out there and it was a snapping turtle!
Another lady stopped and started poking it with her snow brush.
Then Melissa got my snow brush and poked it too.
They flipped it over and slid him across the road until he was safe.
Then another boy drove up and got out with a milk crate.
He flipped him in there and drove down to the creek and let him go free.
I didn't really do anything in this adventure but cheer them on.
But I thought it was a good story!

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