Friday, June 06, 2008


The front of S-103...Sarah's old room. old room.

Thank the goddess above it's over!
Those were the longest two weeks of my life!
Maybe it was due to the fact that Sarah and I were sharing a room.
Maybe it was because we were done with everything so early.
It just seemed like I was a fishy swimming upstream.
But I got everything done.
Entered all my contests on time...
Mailed all my memberships on time...
Turned in all my grades on time...
Had my checklist done early this year...
Even covered and bordered all of my new bulletin boards.
Sarah and I took one last trip to the old rooms.
They started totally ripping stuff out at 7:15 this morning.
They waste no time.
We took more pictures.
Got sad.
I didn't cry and I don't know why.
I asked my principal to get me a block...I want a cement block.

I feel like a ten pound weight is off of my back for a little while.
It's good to have a break.
Ok I'm a nerd though...
I went to Office Max right after school today
And bought a new calendar planner and my summer notebook.
You keep track of "stuff."
And I have the new photo textbook right here ready to be read.

Now I have to clean this house.
Get it ready to roll.
Get ready to change my life around.
This summer and next school year are going to be rough.
Everything is new.
I want a day or two to recoop and then we need to reset.
Organize this house, our lives, our schedules, our priorities.
Accomplish the "to-do" lists that get brushed off to do other things.

People think I'm crazy.
I have a crazy life.
Some people refuse to even come over here because they can't handle it.
I call it an adventure.
I love summer because it's always an adventure.
And I will continue to document it on this blog.
Life happens fast and I like to share it with everyone.
I can't wait to see what this summer has in store for us.
Hold on tight.

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Kim said...

I love a good adventure! M and I will be right there!!