Thursday, July 03, 2008

Tristyn's First Parade

Keeping Warm with Momma!

Tammy, Tristyn and the Lizzard.

Peeking through the stroller to say hi.

Tristyn's first 4th of July parade!

Tonight we went to the Highland 4th of July parade.
My friend Sarah's mom lives along the parade route
And they invited us to join them on their lawn.
The 4th of July is my FAVORITE holiday.
I love the BBQs, the fireworks, the heat and the fun.
This was the chilliest parade I've been to in a while!
We took the kids inside when the sirens came through.
They were just a tad too loud for their little ears.
Mom caught a lot of fruity tootsie rolls for Momma.
In the was a great night!
Chilly...but great!


Kelly W. said...

Cute pictures! Why the heck is it so cold there??

R said...