Sunday, July 06, 2008

What Happened To The Other Kids?

BJ eating some chinese rice.

Leslee and Brayden eating some fries.

Ashlee giving Tristyn some candy during the parade.

Did you all forget that we still have 3 other kids in this house?
All this talk about Tristyn
I bet you all forgot about the other three active kiddos around here!
Here's an update on all of them!

Ashlee marched in the 4th of July parade with the ROTC group from school.
Can you believe she finished three weeks of drivers ed?
By next March she will be old enough to get her license.
God help us.
She has been working at McDonald's saving up money for her trip.
She is leaving tomorrow for three weeks to go to New York to visit her friend Ruby.
They met at boarding school and Ruby spent two weeks with us last year.
Now it's Ashlee's turn to go visit her!
Yesterday she also went to Shimmer with Billy, Marissa and Melissa.
Shimmer is women's wrestling...oye vey!
They had a great time and got home at midnight.

Leslee is working with her dad at the Cedar Lake fair this weekend.
He has a little gyro stand.
She gets paid and goes to Wal-Mart
And spends her money on Hannah Montana crap.
She is a wise spender though and knows how to find the deals.
Leslee also just finished up basketball camp.
She is also going to the Mighty Acorn camp in August for a week.
She went last year and had a blast.
We love it because it's a week long camp that costs us $25.
Woo hoo!

BJ is also working at the fair.
Working...aka...bug dad for money, run away and get food.
When he's home, we never see him.
He's out at Tommy's swimming, playing football or riding bikes.
He has had Zack sleep over and he has slept over at Tommy's a couple of times.
He's dirty and sunburned and looking like a real boy this summer!
His only plans are to attend summer school at the end of July.
Fun stuff.

Tammy starts a new job tomorrow.
She is interning at a charter school in Gary with our friend Tamika.
At least this will be some experience for her to put on a resume
And maybe even open some doors later on.
Last week she went to Purdue Cal and completed 2 credit hours.
She learned all this crazy stuff about science and made things!
This was the best because...
A) she only paid like $180 for this class.
B) she earned 2 credit hours
C) that gives her a Masters plus 30 credit hours status on the pay scale
D) it was only a week long
E) she had fun
F) she learned a lot of stuff that she probably can't use in her classroom
Tammy, Leslee and BJ are also going on a little suprise vacation at the end of July.
Since Ashlee went to California with us in March
She wanted to take the other two somewhere this summer.
It's a small road trip and I think they'll have fun.
I'm not going and I'm going to stay home with the baby.
So, come on over and party! Just kidding.

That's the update on the rest of the family.
We are busy, but not as busy as most summers.
We are balancing the fun and the work.
Our house is disorganized, but at least we are living life and happy.


historygrl said...

I guess I should know this but don't: but what kind of job is Tammy looking for? Admin?

Also, I'm STILL Pregnant. I think they are going to induce this week.

S said...

Wad, Tristyn is just so beautiful! I am so happy for you. I love checking your blog, it always makes me smile! :)


Anonymous said...

hey just curious as to the the "father" of you guys three oldest kids. i did not realize he was present. so did you consider yourself straight and have the kids and then fall in love with your beautiful wife?
i think it is so interesting!

Carrie said...

Yes...the older 3's father is still in the picture. But I was not married to him! My partner Tammy was! She had all three when I met her and was divorcing him at the time. He is still in the picture here and there and we are finally civil towards one another. Thank goodness. He's even been over for dinner at our house.