Thursday, April 14, 2011

Our New Friend Harrold

Our New Friend Harrold by WadyPhoto
Our New Friend Harrold, a photo by WadyPhoto on Flickr.

Yesterday afternoon we went for a ride in Tristyn's Barbie car.
We found a caterpillar!
Tristyn screamed.
I picked him up and told her he was nice.
He became our friend and she named him Harrold.
We made him a little home.
We showed everyone in the neighborhood.
He ate dinner with us.
He took a bath with us.
He went to sleep with us.
This morning...Harrold ESCAPED!!!
Tristyn was crushed.
"He was my bestest buddy ever!"
"I want to keep him forever and ever!"
I told her he was playing hide and seek.
She was so depressed when we got to daycare.
Melissa better find Harrold while we're at school.
Or else I'm going to have a butterfly in my bedroom in a week or two!!

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Sparroweye said...

Isn't there this really cute story book about a catapiller. I think it's called The Very Hungry Catapiller. You are just about my only blogger who updates other than Kim and M.