Monday, December 12, 2011

Santa Visit 2011

Yesterday Tristyn and I went out to see Santa.
We decided to head to the Bass Pro Shop in Portage.
Free photo, crafts, games and coloring for the kids.
We went in line and the lady asked if we had a Santa pass.
Went to get one and the next available time to see the big guy was 3:30!
It was noon!
We started checking out some fishing boats and the salesman asked
If we had seen Santa yet.
I told him that we couldn't stay there until 3:30 and we would probably come back.
He had a 1:30 pass in his drawer and gave it to us so we didn't have to wait!
That was so sweet of him.
Tristyn got to talk to Santa and she was really excited to ask him for the big castle.
She was a little upset because Santa was too chubby for her to sit on his lap!
Here is the yearly photo of her and the big guy:
She looks so old.
And she needs a haircut.
Her Christmas program is on Thursday so be sure to come back and read
About her very first performance!
After Santa we stopped at Wendy's for a bite to eat.
Tristyn was being very silly and talkative.
Here's a video of her mad face and what she asked Santa for this year:

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