Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Justin Bieber Concert Here We Come! 2020 That Is.

Last night Tristyn and I were driving home from deadline night
And a Justin Bieber song came on the radio.
She got really excited.
She LOVES him!
Four years old and has posters of him in her bedroom.

"Mommy, can you take me to his concert when I'm older?"
" old do you think you have to be to go to a concert?"
"I don't know...tall?"
"Tall is not an age Tristyn."
" about 12?"
"That sounds like a good age for a concert.
So, if Justin is still around I will take you ok?"
"Ok...and I will bring my Justin map!"

You see...Aunt Jan heads to Stratford, Canada every August for the Shakespeare festival.
That is Justin Bieber's hometown.
He grew up singing outside of the Avon Theater there.
Who knows? I could have seen him there back in the day when I used to go with her!
It's a great little town and I hope to take Tristyn there someday.
This summer Aunt Jan sent Tristyn a map of Stratford with the "Justin's Favorite Places" on it.

"Yes! And then I will marry him and he will live with us at our house."
"Well, I think he has a little bit more money than us...
You know...he has all his music and his concerts...
So maybe he will let us move in with him!"
"Oooo...yeah! He probably has a pool.
Not one that blows up...a REAL one."

So, I wonder in 2020, when Tristyn is 12 years old...
Will Justin Bieber still be cool at 26 years old?

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