Friday, October 04, 2013

Kindergarten is Hard Work

Tristyn is loving Kindergarten!
Mrs. Cruz is wearing her out too!
Yesterday she fell asleep on the bus ride home.
She just loves hot lunch,
Except for the day when her walking tacos didn't walk.
And her popcorn chicken didn't have popcorn in it.

Yesterday she brought home her "Problem Solving Journal."
I thought I would share some of my favorite entries.

This is my favorite because the apple has a worm coming out and she made a word bubble for the worm saying, "yum." She spelled it all herself.
 This one just shows her personality so much. My kid with the purple icing on her cake.
 Sure the directions say, "I can draw a picture that shows 3."
But a picture of a dolphin, a wave, and her surfing is much cooler.
 Tristyn wasn't sure how many people were in her family so she left it blank. She drew (from left to right) me, Aunt Barb with her white hair, herself and then started to draw Grandma, but she ran out of time. Sorry Grandma!

This is her in a dress of course!!!

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