Tuesday, January 07, 2014

My Visit to Kindergarten

This is long overdue.
On Martin Luther King Day I was lucky enough to spend time in Tristyn's class!
We didn't have school and she was making up a snow day.
I thought it would be really fun to help and observe her little class.

Did I say little?
Tristyn has a total of 30 students in her class.
Her teacher, Mrs. Cruz, is a saint.
I seriously do not know how that woman does it every single day.
Thirty 5 and 6 year olds?
In one room?
All the time?
Where's the Tylenol?

I love Tristyn's school.
The entire school is just for kindergarten.
Everything is their size.

First thing when we walked in Tristyn has some breakfast.
Sometimes she eats two breakfasts...
One at CHOA and another when she hops off the bus.
We went back to her class and she got started on her morning work.

Working on her morning work while waiting for the fire drill.

Then there was a fire drill.
I was so amazed at the quiet soldiers marching down the hall.
Mrs. Cruz was quick to drop behavior colors on those who were talking.
She means business.

Overall, I was just in awe of how swiftly the kids transitioned to different activities.
Directions were given and the children worked to follow them.
I stayed to eat lunch with Tristyn.
Mini corn dog day! My favorite.
Mini corn dog day with Tristyn and her friend Hayden.

Things I learned visiting Kindergarten:
1. You have to be OCD organized to teach kindergarten.
2. Mrs. Cruz has a song for EVERYTHING.
3. It is amazing the things Tristyn can do for herself at school, but not at home...hmmmm.
4. Watching the intellectual growth of a kindergartner from day one to the end has got be a great feeling.
5. Kindergartners aren't in tune with sarcasm. (Mrs. Cruz told the class they were going to learn about outer space and that they might even take a trip there. Pretend of course. One girl started crying because she didn't want to leave her family behind.)
6. 5 year olds fart and think nothing of it.
7. I really don't think kindergarten teachers sleep...ever.
8. Kindergarten is way too colorful for me.
9. The first years in school are important. If a child starts off their educational career with a dud of a teacher...then they will have a sour outlook on school for the rest of their life. Scratch that. Every year is important and every teacher's attitude is important. Even though I teach high school, I can still be crazy and attempt to make my class somewhat enjoyable for teenagers. Hopefully, it will keep them coming back for more. Tristyn has been blessed with four amazing preschool and kindergarten teachers...Miss Janice, Miss Linda, Mrs. Kilar and Mrs. Cruz. I know that these ladies have launched Tristyn's educational adventure on the right track.
10. Kindergarten teachers use WAY too much Comic Sans.

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Jill Cruz said...

I love this post! You nailed it! ;) ...but I could never deal with all the teen angst and awkwardness of high school. I get anxiety thinking about walking into the high school building, ugh!

Thank you for visiting and all the kind words. I love little Miss Tristyn!!