Saturday, August 20, 2005


I think I am trying to see how high our grass can grow.
Well...actually it's not that long.
I haven't cut it since the middle of June.
Can you believe that?

School starts Tuesday.
I'm not ready.
I like my summer time.
I'm just not ready for all the hubbub.
I like taking things at my own pace.

You know the cousins that live in Wisconsin?
The ones where I was stuck at their house?
So, they were outside the other day taking videos of the tornado.
It pretty much went right over their house.
It destroyed their neighbor's barns.
A half mile from their house.

Ok...well I should be out pulling weeds.
Or finishing the laundry.



for_the_lonely said...

Yikes! Filming a tornado in the midst of it all takes some guts!
I often wish that I could go back to school! It sounds like you are going to have a wonderful school year, though! Good for you!

Hope that your weekend has gone well! Talk to you soon! :)

Love ya,

Nancy said...

I am not sure guts would be the word I would use for somebody filming a tornado!
Glad they weren't hurt.
Sorry you have to go back to school, but what a wonderful summer you had Carrie!
Have a great year!