Thursday, July 05, 2007

My Little Traveler

Teresina...where Tammy will be staying for 2 weeks.

Sao Paulo, Brazil...this is where Tammy is right now waiting for another plane.

Tammy made it to Brazil in one piece.
Well...she's at an airport in Sao Paulo right now.
Her next flight to Brasilia leaves at 5 tonight.
Then she hops on another plane to Teresina at 8.
I can't wait to hear all of her stories.
She is staying with our friend Brandon.
He is like a principal down there.
He is the most energetic, friendly, sexy guy I've ever met.
He is the sweetest!
And he is a wonderful dancer.
From what he tells me
They are going to be partying every night and heading on adventures.
One party will have a minimum of 30,000 people there.
Another party is being hosted in "the American's" honor
And TV cameras will be there!
I hope they all have a wonderful time.
I hope they don't get too tan.
And I hope Brandon doesn't wear Tammy out!

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