Monday, July 02, 2007

My Love For Photography Has Returned

Ask me the story behind putting this sticker on my car.

When teaching photo for 8 years
You get kind of burned out.
For a long time I wasn't shooting anything.
I used to shoot for myself for fun.
Then it just got old.

Thanks to my new friends at Bella Photography
My love for photography has returned.
I love bringing my camera around everywhere
To shoot candid shots of the kids, Tammy...whatever!

Rick and Jodi Bella have "adopted" me.
I have shot a couple of weddings with them
And by myself.
Now that's a lot of trust.
Jodi and I have shot some engagement photos together this week
And I had a blast and learned a ton.
How fun to go out and do what you love
Not because you have to,
But beacuse you want to!

Check out the Bella Photography website at

Read their blog and browse through the wedding proofs.
Then call and book us!

1 comment:

Kelly W. said...

I'm so happy for you that you found your passion for photos again! (and happy for me because I get to look at them!) Hey, when you visit next week, will you take my family photo? It would be great to have it done by a PRO. I need 4 more family photos for the adoption. Ugh.