Monday, October 08, 2007

Ashlee My Teenager

Ashlee is home for good.
She came home for fall break last week
And decided to give our high school a try.
I think she was a little homesick.

We wanted her to stick out the quarter or even the semester.
But the guidance department thought this would be
A good time to switch over.

Today was her first day at Hobart High School.
She got up waaaaay before me.
Was dressed and hair done waaaay before me.
It's weird having a freshman in our house again.
Leslee the pre-teen and Ashlee the full blown teen.
My lord the estrogen in this house.
Poor BJ.

Ashlee brought home two girls for break.
Min and Mei from Korea.
Very sweet girls who love the internet and love to eat.
Oh...and shop.
On Saturday we let Ashlee, Min and Mei take
The South Shore train up to Chicago by themselves.
I printed out a schedule for them.
Printed a little map.
Showed them how to get to the Sears Tower and to shopping.

About two hours later I got a call from Ashlee
She was at the top of the Sears Tower.
She made it up there all by herself.
Got on the train, off at the right stop, walked and found the Sears Tower
(I guess it is one of the tallest buildings in the world... can you miss it...right?)
Ate pizza for dinner and found her way back to the train.

When I told some people at work about this
They had a fit.
Said they were too young
And how could I let her go by herself?

She lived on her own for two years at Oneida.
She has grown and matured beyond my wildest dreams.
I'm proud of her.
I never thought she would be able to even get to town by herself
Let alone the city.

She's a good girl.

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