Friday, May 16, 2008

My Friend Kelly

This has been a very trying week.
Very long and busy.
Last weekend I traveled to New York to meet all of my Rosie obsessed buddies.
My ultimate favorite Rosie was buddy was missing.
Kelly is my bud from Virginia and we've been friends for almost 2 years now.
We talk almost every single day on email, IM or phone.
She let me stay at her house while on a road trip to nowhere last summer.
We've only seen each other 4 times.
On Monday I drove to see her in Ohio...just to give her a hug.
On Thursday, May 8th Kelly's 7-year-old neice Stephanie died suddenly.
She went into the hospital on Monday and was gone so quickly.
Doctors said she had a blood disorder called ITP.
Stephanie was in the small percentage of children who have died from this.
During their time of grief Kelly has taken photos of everything.
Photos that have touched my soul and made me cry.
I have no idea how she has kept herself together this week.
She is a strong woman with a huge heart and I admire her for that.
I only wish we were neighbors so I could give her a hug more often.

Stephanie Lufkin 4/14/01 - 5/8/08


Anonymous said...

My little brother Ray was diagnosed with that as a toddler. He would bruise anywhere he was touched. When my parents took him to the hospital they were accused of beating and abusing him and interrogated for many hours. They finally called someone in who was able to diagnose and treat it. My parents never received an apology.

I'm very sorry to hear that your friend's niece wasn't as fortunate as my brother. ITP is very strange.

Kim said...

You're a great friend, Carrie!

Liz1971 said...

i agree w/ that lady above me! you are a great friend...

Susan aka MamaD said...

nice post Carrie...and I love that u drove to see her!