Monday, June 29, 2009

In The Midst Of Confusion...

The past two weeks have been nuts.
I think in the past week I have been
In my own house for about a total of 17 hours.
That's just a guess.
But it seems like I haven't been home in forever.
In the middle of all the madness
This is what I have forgotten to blog about...

#1...HAPPY 13th BIRTHDAY Leslee!!!
Yup...that was on June 24th.
I cannot believe that she is 13 already.
A teenager.
God help me.

#2...HAPPY 9th BIRTHDAY B.J.!!
Yeah...his birthday is TODAY.
I remember when he was 3.
Before I know it he will be 21.

#3...HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY Brian!!
That was on June 21st
The day my mom decided to head to the ER!

#4...I finally made it to Trader Joe's!
Sarah, Miles, Tristyn, Me, Kate and Abby
Headed to Orland to check out the infamous store.
The kids got a little cranky in there
And it was hard to read the labels
But I think I picked up some good buys.
Wine, mini ravioli, marinara sauce, chile spiced mango
Olive Oil popcorn and some seaweed snack mix for Ashlee.
Oh...and balloons for the kids.

#5...Tristyn's first dip in a real pool!
During the same trip to Trader Joe's
We hung out at Kate and Abby's hotel pool.
Miles was a maniac and loved it.
Tristyn was a little apprehensive, but ok.
She liked sitting on the step and just watching every move.

#6...RIP to the Workman family.
A family that cheered on the Hobart Team Spirits
With Leslee and BJ
Were killed in a tragic car accident on Friday morning.
All 5 family members gone in an instant.
The kids were 13, 8 and 1.
On their way to Florida
To Disney
To Grandma's so she could meet the baby for the first time.
Life is too short people.
Make the most of it.

#7...Have I told you I'm Amish now?
No cable.
No home phone.
No internet.
No air conditioning.
Does that make me Amish?
That the reason for the delays in blogs and flickrerers.
Trying to save some money.

#8...I am a traitor.
Today and tomorrow I am teaching
At a Yearbook workshop.
Don't tell my newspaper kids.

#9...Mom's doing much better.
She is out of the hospital.
Moving pretty decent.
And the bullet holes are looking good.

Can I go take a nap now?

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historygrl said...

So happy to hear that your mom is doing better. And happy 1st to Tristyn. - Jill