Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Busy Summer...Good Busy

The summer is just flying by.
I have been living without TV and internet since May.
I have done pretty well without it.
I have read all the Twilight books
And spent quality time with Tristyn.
That right there is a great summer in itself.

Thanks to my friends for keeping me busy
And keeping my mind off other things.
Sarah and Miles and Dustin have played a huge part in our summer fun.
We went to the water park, Brookfield Zoo and McDonalds Playland.
The kids loved it!

Tristyn and I spent a couple of days in Wisconsin
Visiting my cousin Michelle and Simone and Colette!
They had a blast playing with Nug.
We went to a butterfly garden, the farmer's market and the zoo!
We also had ice cream, but it was too cold to swim in their pool.
Tristyn loved being woken up by the roosters every morning.

My friend Betty's wedding and bachelorette party was a blast!
I even wore a dress for the occasion.
Yes...a dress.
See flickr pictures for more details.

We have spent a lot of time with Grandma!
We celebrated her birthday and went to Pipes and Pizza.
They have a huge pipe organ with tons of different instruments.
It used to be a movie theater and they changed it to this pizza joint.
Really fun and Nug loved the music.

We have been to the beach a couple of times.
The last time we went it started raining.
Tristyn loves the sand and the seagulls.

She is also on her way to walking.
She can go across the living room floor between two people.
Still a little wobbly though.
She is very smart and loves to eat and read.

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